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The five-colored porcelain which continues being still supported after time called 350 years. Red, yellow, green, purple, the a great variety of Kutani chinaware consisting of colorful pairs of the Berlin blue. The Kutani chinaware which is widely known to the world as “「 japan・kutani 」.”
The gorgeous coloration and the bold and novel picture charge account continue attracting not only Japan but also the West. In this plate, it is with the very rare container which can watch the history before passing from a beginning of Kutani chinaware in the present age from a picture charge account.
九谷焼 4.5号皿揃 時代絵
350年という時を経ても今なお支持され続ける五彩の九谷焼器。 赤、黄、緑、紫、紺青の色鮮やかな組み合わせからなる多種多様な九谷焼。 「ジャパン・クタニ」として世界に知れ渡る九谷焼。
その華やかな色使いと大胆な絵付けは、 日本のみならず、西洋にも人気。 この皿は、九谷焼の始まりから現代に渡るまでの 歴史を絵付けから見ることのできる珍しい器です。


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