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KUTANism special movie -Nomi Ver.-


“Features of Nomi city and the future of Kutani ware.”
KUTANism is the first joint event between Komatsu and Nomi City to celebrate their shared heritage of Kutani ceramics, one of Japan’s pottery styles. The various pieces created since ancient times until the present reflect the ideologies, philosophies, the interpretations of nature, and even the sense of values and aesthetics of the eras that they were produced. We hope that through these localized art festivities, we will be able to promote Kutani on a global scale.

interview with Keigo Kamide(KUTANI CHOEMON)

※Komatsu ver.▶https://youtu.be/G5Cf_ptvbzI


協力:上出 惠悟(上出長右衛門窯)



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